Metal Fabricator

Selecting a metal fabricator to partner with a fabrication project is a critical decision. When you work with a quality metal fabrication shop there are several benefits you will receive.


A Metal Fabricator That Can Customize

Most times, a fabrication project needs to meet specific requirements. An experienced fabrication shop will have the equipment and skilled crew to provide services that meet exact specifications, avoiding costly issues and delays. In addition to less cost from errors, a top-quality metal fabrication can lower costs because of better efficiency. An experienced fabrication team will complete the project with less waste and higher quality.


Providing Quality Fabrication With Consistency and Safety

When you work with a metal fabricator that offers fine-tuned processes and state-of-the-art equipment, meeting your requirements is assured. A top-quality metal fabrication shop decreases hassles, mistakes, and delivery issues. A professional metal fabricator places safety-first as a priority. Without this commitment to safety, your project experience can lead to missed deadlines and costly accidents. When choosing a metal fabrication supplier, check their safety record to ensure your project will run smoothly and safely.


The Right Metal Fabricator is Essential

A trusted metal fabricator is critical to the success of your project. Every businessperson knows that time is money. Stoppages and poor quality result in more than frustration, they impact your bottom line negatively. Do your homework to find a proven fabrication supplier that best meets your needs.


At FI CON, we offer outstanding construction and fabrication services. Our experienced and knowledgeable team draws on more than 200 years of combined fabrication and construction experience. We have knowledgeable engineers, safety managers, millwrights, and project managers for your project. We work in various industries, including manufacturing, mills, ports, mining, education, warehousing, health care, retail, and water treatment. To discuss your next project, contact us at or (386) 792-3060. 

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