Evaporators and installation

FICON has over 20 years of Cascade experience. We can provide:

  • Engineering
  • In depth inspections
  • Troubleshooting
  • Emergency repairs
  • Contractor surveillance during installs when not being installed by FICON
  • Installations
  • Fabrication and installation of exhaust duct work
  • Parts

Tube sheets are drilled to exact dimensions to provide easy installation. The tubes are plugged and leak tested in a testing tank. Bushings, hub bolts, washers and nuts and fabricated bearing housings are usually in stock.

FICON also provides System Inspections and Preventative Maintenance Packages. We identify potential failures and provide detailed insight into the condition of your system, which is crucial in preventing catastrophic failure and downtime.

For more information on our evaporators, please contact us.