Construction Project

Overall, there are many factors that go into the successful completion of a construction project. In this blog, we will discuss several that can help you to meet the requirements and goals of the project effectively and efficiently.

Open & Continual Communication

Communication between all parties is essential throughout a construction project. When transparent communication is part of the construction process the necessary coordination is smoother, reducing costly issues. Consequently, implementing a centralized communication platform lets you submit change orders in real-time through instant alerts, automated actions, and visual dashboards. Additionally, this practice gives the construction team ample time to coordinate the steps to stay on schedule and address issues.


Project Timeline Review

A properly constructed timeline should have a start and completion date for every phase of the operation. Because of this practice, the engineer/architect will be able to adjust components that may be overly optimistic or out of proper sequence.


Construction Project Flexibility

While the construction project plan needs to be set prior before breaking ground, the mangers need to evaluate and revise the plan throughout the project. Even with the most exacting planning, the project can meet challenges on the construction site. For example, unexpected environmental issues can cause design changes. Alterations to plans can occur if equipment fails. These problems can affect the plan, budget, and schedule. The flexibility to adapt plans will help to meet the established goals more efficiently.


Daily Reports

Daily reporting to the owner and architect reduces miscommunication and friction. This communication, can be accomplished through centralized reporting technology or direct communication from managers throughout the construction project.


FI•CON focus on a proven process and being flexible to provide solutions to better serve our customers. Our combination of fabrication and construction services means we have the experience to tailor projects to each customer’s needs. Contact our experienced team today to discuss your next project at or (386) 364-7647.

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