custom construction services

It is rare to find a provider that combines services in custom construction and fabrication. At FI•CON, our goal is to deliver high-quality fabrication and custom construction services that are contracted, scheduled, engineered, fabricated, constructed, and managed for maximum value. When you choose to work with us you receive both, plus:

An experienced and knowledgeable team

At FI•CON, we build from more than 200 years of combined fabrication and construction experience. Consequently, our engineers, designers, millwrights, safety managers, and project managers offer a broad knowledge base from various backgrounds and regions. This expertise brings a depth of roblem-solving capabilities to projects.

In order to enhance our extensive fabrication and custom construction services experience, we embrace new systems, processes, and tools. This allows us to improve quality, safety, productivity, and efficiency to benefit our customers. This independent and entrepreneurial culture triggers new ideas, while still providing the consistency our customers have come to expect from us – that we deliver, the first time, every time.

We are performance-oriented. Because of this focus, we invest in our infrastructure and people to increase operating efficiency and reduce the overall costs.

Service focused on quality and results

Getting the job done is what we do at FI•CON. We emphasize service, quality, safety, and value on every job we execute and we don’t cut corners. We know this practice will establish long-term partnerships and maximum value for our customers.

From our CEO to administrative staff, we foster a 24/7/365 attitude. Our crews work schedules that assure minimal disruption to your operations. We’re here to serve our customers, whenever and wherever they need us.

When you need us to to react quickly with our custom construction services, we are capable of establishing remote, regional operations. Under the supervision of your company project manager, we can offer project management, and technical and administrative support to perform new contractual obligations.

FI•CON invests in technology, systems, processes, and people to improve our services, frequently. With investments, our staff and crews remain updated with the latest market practices to offer the best-in-class service.

Safety first at our facility and your job site

One of our critical goals is to provide safe custom construction services. Because of this priority, we work closely with regulating authorities and customers to make safety a priority for every project we undertake. Our safety certifications and quality standards meet all customer requirements and industry regulations. The independent safety auditing system we use keeps us at the forefront of the industry.

FI•CON management and employees are subject to multiple, comprehensive safety and quality management programs, both at our in-house fabrication shop and on the worksite. With experience the latest best-practices and legal requirements, our safety management team ensures our employees execute their duties with the highest level of safety and efficiency.

To learn more about our custom construction services and fabrication solutions, please contact us.