Lean Construction

The practice of lean construction optimizes the construction process to be more efficient. Once issues are identified, it helps to implement changes throughout the company, resulting in improved cost control, tighter schedules, and more profitable projects. While lean construction practices can include financials to communication, but at its core, lean construction primarily focuses on operational strategies to minimize waste. This doesn’t mean making your company make do with less. On the other hand, it is about being sure company equipment, employees, and processes are being used productively. One of the critical lean principles is waste minimization. The following are areas that construction companies can look to manage waste.

Equipment and Tools

Your tools and equipment are a major investment that must be used to see a return on that investment. Obviously, unproductive crews are a waste of equipment and tools, but there are other issues that cause waste. Misplaced tools can create delays and if the tool is lost, you also lose productivity plus the cost of a replacement. A lean construction procedure needs to be in place to keep inventory of tools and equipment. Another practice is to regularly service and calibrate equipment to prevent breakdowns, repairs, or replacements.

Employee Time

Paying salaried or hourly employees is one of the largest costs to your bottom line. You need to review processes to eliminate unnecessary steps to save time. Your work environment and jobsites should be well-organized to minimize excessive downtime, transportation time, and delays in the delivery of material. Lean construction methodology can help address these problems the cause personnel to be inefficient in their respective jobs.

Tech and Lean Construction in Controlling Waste

Technology is a powerful tool in identifying and eliminating sources of waste. Tracking tools and equipment ensures staff always knows their location. Additionally, it can track when tools are in use and when they were last serviced and calibrated. Digital systems can also provide accessible, real-time data on the deployment of resources on each project.

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