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Understanding what factors to evaluate fabrication services will help you select a quality fabrication supplier for your project. In this blog, we will discuss those factors and why it is critical that you look for them in your fabrication contractor.

The workforce and resources to do the job

The competency of the fabricator’s workforce weighs heavily in choosing a quality fabrication supplier. First, the fabricator team needs to consist of highly skilled professionals capable of top craftsmanship and the ability to offer design advice. An experienced fabricator can often bring valuable insight to improve the project regarding performance and cost. If the supplier has a small crew, it might have difficulty meeting the project deadline, especially in a tight timeframe.

Successful completion of relevant projects

Just because a fabrication contractor has a wealth of overall experience doesn’t mean they are suitable for your project. Specific expertise in projects like yours is critical in choosing a quality fabrication supplier. Ask about their past projects to determine if their experience and capabilities will meet the requirements of your project.

Comparable pricing 

Of course, you must solicit multiple quotes from different fabricators to review cost options. A quality fabrication supplier will provide a bid that falls within industry standards and the range of other bidders. Remember that the lowest bid is not always the contractor of choice. A higher price could reflect the quality and expertise the fabricator offers.

Service territory

The service coverage of the contractor plays an essential part in the success of your project. While a fabricator near your project might lower costs on travel or shipping, it’s critical to evaluate this factor along with the other benefits to choose the best quality fabrication supplier.

Verifying a quality fabrication supplier

As you can see, there several factors to review when choosing the right fabricator. Let’s sum up how to verify qualifications. The expertise and size of the fabrication team are essential in assuring your project is in capable hands. When considering bids, remember that a trustworthy contractor will provide detailed estimates covering the different stages of the project to ensure there will be no hidden costs. The most crucial consideration in location and coverage is that the fabricator can ensure that obtaining material and meeting deadlines will not be an issue. Finally, ask for referrals from past clients in your industry to confirm that the contractor’s experience relates to your project.


At FI•CON, we pride ourselves in having the processes and procedures to deliver quality fabrication services. To discuss your next project, contact us at ficonusa.com or (386) 792-3060. 


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