Construction Data Tracking

Tracking is a critical activity in lean construction. Obviously, it will uncover waste and areas to improve a company’s operational productivity and efficiency. Using construction data tracking can identify areas where contractors can lose time and money on a construction project, such as:


You might discover an issue in your supply chain from suppliers to the worksite, causing your crews not to be as productive as possible. These could be human error, antiquated systems, transportation problems, or a lack of workforce.


Another issue could be the ongoing purchase of tools and materials that were needed in the past but is no longer necessary. Once it is identified, your purchasing department should be able to solve it quickly.


One task in the construction timeline may be consistently over schedule and is delaying other phases of the project. Your planning department should be able to fix this inefficiency.


The Benefits of Construction Data Tracking

By employing construction data tracking, you can identify a range of misalignments in your operational processes. Without the accessible data that tracking provides, it is challenging to spot sources of issues that cut into your bottom line. If you implement a tracking system using a data-driven feedback loop, you will be able to gather data from current projects. Then you can

analyze the data for areas to streamline your operations and implement improvements to avoid these issues on future projects.


Continuous improvement is one of the lean construction principles, and construction data tracking is vital. After all, you can’t improve the way you do business if you don’t know problems exist. Tracking, identifying, and resolving inefficiencies in your processes will increase profitability and improve employee and customer satisfaction.


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