pre-construction phase

In general, pre-construction phase starts with the first owner and contractor meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the design and specific requirements of the project. When meeting, open and direct communication between all parties is vital to assure alignment on goals. By coming to agreement on the project scope, you can reduce the timeline, change orders, and budget of the project.


Because a site evaluation helps to identify and rectify any issues involving site work, it is essential to perform it early in this phase . Generally, the condition of the site will have a major impact on the project’s cost and schedule. When you address location challenges early, you can avoid or minimize the effect.


Budgeting in the pre-construction phase includes assessing the construction materials, labor, schedule, regulatory requirements, and location. Once this analysis is complete, a realistic budget is set to meet the owner’s expectations.


The establishment of the schedule assures the project stays within a the agreed upon timeframe and meets the completion deadline. By accurately defining the owner’s expectations, you can determine a realistic schedule and increase the efficiency of the project.

Pre-construction Phase Wrap Up

While we have covered the larger steps in the pre-construction phase, there are always details that need to be wrapped up. These items could include soil-testing, submission to the municipality, and procuring permits.

FI•CON conducts thorough pre-construction phase on all projects to assure we meet customers’ goals. FI•CON fabrication and construction services can meet the most challenging projects. By combining these two services and our strategic engineering partnerships, we can design, construct, and customize a project to meet your building and fabrication requirements. We work in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, ports, mining, education, warehousing, health care, retail, and water treatment. To discuss your next project contact us at or (386) 792-3060.



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