Structural Steel Fabricator

To choose a structural steel fabricator, it helps to understand traits of a qualified one. Simply put, a structural metal fabricator is in charge of creating structural products from large metal pieces, and those products are usually used in structures such as bridges, various construction projects, and manufacturing facilities. While there are a lot of good metal fabricators, to be great you must have more than the average fabrication skills. Let’s go over a few of the traits considered essential when hiring a structural steel fabricator.

Mechanically Minded

A qualified structural steel fabricator is an auditory and visual thinker that understands how things go together. As a hands-on field, it requires the fabricator to have a logical process to better understand your project. You should look for a fabricator that can explain their project process to assure they will fully learn about your project to meet its requirements. When interviewing potential fabrication suppliers, ask them to present past projects that are similar to your project. An experienced fabricator should have no problem providing both elements.

Accepting Challenges

A seasoned structural steel fabricator knows no two jobs are alike. Manufacturing and construction are detail-oriented industries that require the fabricator to meet a customer’s particular demands. During the interview process, ask the fabricator to discuss examples of challenging projects and how they provided solutions. Even if your project isn’t complex, it is good to know that if a challenge arises your fabrication supplier can handle it.

Partnering with a Structural Steel Fabricator

Finding a qualified structural steel fabricator not only means your project will meet specifications, but it is also the first step in what should be a long relationship. Once the fabrication company proves its value, you know have a partner you can depend on. FI•CON has proven itself to be a reliable fabrication partner to several customers. Our combination fabrication and construction services, means we have the experience to tailor projects to each customer’s needs. Contact our experienced team today to discuss your next project at or (386) 364-7647.

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