Local Industrial Contractor

.With the availability of several national, and international fabrication providers willing to travel for your project, you might ignore a local industrial contractor when bidding your project. However, there are many benefits to working with a local contractor that one outside of your area can’t offer, such as:


Lower Costs with a Local Industrial Contractor

A local supplier is familiar with local or state regulations. Because of this knowledge, the chance of escalating costs and slowdowns because of code issues are reduced. Furthermore, outside providers are likely to be inexperienced with regional environmental and seasonal conditions that can disrupt fabrication from a lack of planning. Travel costs from an out-of-town contractor will increase costs. This factor is not a problem with a local contractor.


A Trusted Community Industrial Contractor

With an outside company, you must rely on written testimonials or corresponding with a long-distance referral. A local industrial contractor can provide community references and case studies. This advantage lets you speak with business people in your community. You could even visit the project to inspect the quality of the fabrication and speak with the reference in-person.


Keeping the Cash in the Community

When you hire an out-of-town company, most of the dollars you spend go back to where they are headquartered. This is especially true if the outside provider brings in their own crews. A local industrial contractor keeps the dollars within your community, whether they have in-house services or hire community subcontractors to work on the project. This approach helps you have a successful project while helping the local economy.


Centrally located in North Florida along the I-75/I-10 corridor, FI•CON can readily service customers throughout the Southeast as a local industrial contractor. At FI•CON, we offer you a wide range of custom construction and fabrication services to meet your most challenging projects. Contact us at ficonusa.com or (386) 792-3060.

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