structural steel design

While steel is the most prevalent metal used in construction, most people believe it is for its strength and durability. Additionally, different types of steel can meet a wide range of specifications across a broad spectrum of construction projects. Here are just a few of the advantages of the flexibility of structural steel design.


Owner Benefits

Structural steel is an economical building material, streamlines the construction schedule, and reduces demolition costs during renovation. Because of the adaptability of structural steel, it is the perfect material for renovation and expansion without significant disruptions to daily operations. Structural steel assures top-quality because it’s fabrication is offsite under controlled conditions. This practice reduces material issues while allowing for just-in-time delivery to keep projects on schedule. 


Flexible Designs

Structural steel design allows for elegant, cutting-edge, and open layout buildings offering engineers and architects multiple options in the design of the building. Structural steel can be rolled, curved, and integrated into irregular building shapes. At the same time, its small footprint contributes to a sense of transparency for the building. Also, it combines well with other materials, such as glass, concrete, and wood, working well in various construction projects. 


Green Structural Steel Design

Using structural steel design helps owners and builders be environmentally responsible. Steel mills use an average of 90% recycled material in today’s manufacturing. With a recovery rate for recycling of 98% for structural steel, its environmental impact on a per-square-foot-of-construction is the perfect choice for sustainable projects.


At FI•CON, we specialize in working with structural steel design for any construction project. Centrally located in North Florida along the I-75/I-10 corridor, FI•CON can readily service customers throughout the Southeast as a local industrial contractor. At FI•CON, we offer you a wide range of custom construction and fabrication services to meet your most challenging projects. Contact us at or (386) 792-3060.

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  1. I love that you said that while steel is the most prevalent metal used in construction, most people believe it is for its strength and durability. My partner and I are planning to build a warehouse where our products will be stored. We will need prefabricated steel required by our contractors. Thanks to this post for the information. We will be visiting a steel fabrication soon.

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