metal fabrication

Like any successful outcome, a metal fabrication project must follow the essential steps. First in the process is design. Today, engineers use CAD (computer aided design) software, such as AutoCAD or Solidworks. These programs let designers create complex projects with accuracy to exact specifications.



With the low tolerance in metal fabrication, using the proper cutting method is critical. The type of metal, its thickness and hardness all must factor into the cutting choice, as well as the intended purpose and degree of precision needed for the project.



When the cutting stage is complete comes forming. The forming stage can include folding, bending, stamping, punching holes, machining, and more to produce the right size and shape.



You assemble the parts after shaping and sizing to meet specification. Fastening the separate parts can include bonding, screwing, riveting, or most commonly, welding.



Finishing is the final step and adds protective coatings such as rust resistant paint or powder coating. The finishing depends on the environment and application the metal fabrication will be used to ensure durability and long life.


Metal Fabrication Installation

Projects usually require special equipment used by skilled engineers, welders, and pipefitters. A one-stop metal fabrication shop can increase the efficiency of the project by also installing it. Single source fabrication providers can build the projects and install with the result always in mind. Additionally, they are better equipped to make any modifications if the scope of the project changes or unanticipated changes.


At FI CON, we provide one source for metal fabrication and installation. Whether it’s a construction, fabrication or material handling project, we offer the services to meet your most challenging projects. To learn more about what our fabrication solutions can do for you, please contact us. We look forward to solving your problems so that your business can continue to do what it does best.

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