Safe Construction

Construction is one of the most dangerous professions. Accidents at the construction site aren’t only a nuisance but can also be life-threatening. The following are three factors to keep in mind to ensure a safe construction worksite.

Hazard Management

The best way to prevent accidents at the construction site is by identifying potential hazards and managing them before the construction project starts. Even the simplest of practices, such as advanced planning for staging and traffic routes, can go a long way to make a construction worksite safe and worker-friendly.

Safe Construction Starts With Safety Training

Both workers and sub-contractors need proper training before entering  the construction worksite. While there are a few things that they may learn on-site only, it’s best to equip them with proper safety tips and resources beforehand. This training includes both classroom and hands-on training. Besides, adequate safety training of workers will protect your construction business both financially and ethically. The instances of workplace injuries will lower to a minimum, which will ultimately decrease the cost of insurance.

Use of Proper On-site Equipment

In addition to safety training, employees should also be taught how to correctly use on-site equipment. This instruction begins with providing the workers with adequate good-quality tools and equipment. All workers should have safety gear to prevent any accidents. The use of proper on-site equipment will allow you to manage any unforeseen safety concerns and new hazards that may arise while working on a construction project.

With these tips, you can help to make your construction worksite safer for workers, sub-contractors, and visitors. At FI•CON Construction & Fabrication, we are dedicated to worksite safety. In fact, our safety program continues to produce outstanding results: 110,424 working hours, 0 Recordables, 0.0 OSHA incidence rate, and 0 regulatory citations. FI•CON fabrication and construction services can meet the most challenging projects. By combining these two services and our strategic engineering partnerships, we can design, construct, and customize a project to meet your building and fabrication requirements. We work in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, ports, mining, education, warehousing, health care, retail, and water treatment. To discuss your next project, contact us at or (386) 792-3060. 


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