Construction Rigging

A construction rigging project requires a well-thought-out plan for it to be safe and productive. When you don’t have an accurate plan, you could face catastrophic problems beyond going over budget and schedule. You need to have a program that addresses all aspects of the rigging project, including the position of the machine, capacity limit, safety risks, precautions, and environmental conditions. Here are a few crucial factors for construction rigging.

The Load

The material, size, and shape of the load vary from project to project. When developing the construction rigging plan, you need to consider the dimensions and weight of the load along with its center of gravity and approved lifting points. A key point is that these factors have a direct correlation with the crane’s capacity. You’ll need a crane and rigging that ensure maximum safety for lifting the object.

The Environment

For a successful construction rigging project, you need to consider the environmental conditions. You need to be mindful if you are working in a congested area, a space with wind tunnels, or alongside a river. Check if the construction site is close to the public, and if the weather conditions are suitable. Additionally, always consider the objects that will be directly underneath the crane when it lifts.

Run Safety Checks

You need to conduct a thorough inspection before commencing a construction rigging project. The following are a few items to focus on when running safety checks:

  • Check ropes for any cuts, corrosion, or breaks, and that it is well lubricated
  • Ensure that the hook isn’t cracked, twisted, or opened
  • Inspect the wheels, brakes, and bearings of the machine
  • Make sure the bridge bumpers are correctly in place and functioning
  • Check the function of all control buttons

With these factors in mind, you can effectively devise an effective plan for a construction rigging project to avoid incidents.

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