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Selecting the correct construction team members means your project will meet the requirements within your budget and timeline. The choice of the team needs to be early in the pre-planning stage. This approach will let the team members contribute suggestions and ideas that add value to the project. Generally, your construction team could include:

  • Yourself, as the owner
  • A realtor or your facilities manager if leasing the building
  • An engineer with expertise in your type of building
  • A builder experienced in local construction codes, costs, and conditions

Your construction team engineer

When you begin looking for the engineer to design your building, make a thorough list of its requirements. With the list complete, you can begin interviewing engineering firms to determine the company that will best align with your needs. In addition to interviewing engineers, contact business associates, community leaders, and contractors to get their opinions of the various engineering firms. Rank the top candidates and take the time needed throughout the interview process to assure you will be comfortable and confident in your choice. If necessary, ask the firms for referrals and case studies of projects that are like the one you’re building. It is critical to find a design team that will help you reach your goals, not just promote their concepts and preferences.

Your construction team contractor

While cost is a critical factor, it can be a mistake to choose a contractor on that basis alone. Just as important is the experience, reputation, and reliability of the contractor you hire. These factors will deliver long run value over the initial savings of choosing the lowest bidder. Of course, the lowest bid may also be the most qualified builder but do your homework. As with the engineer, ask for referrals and question the contractor about its policy on change orders, missed deadlines, and workmanship. The worst time to find out about these issues is when you discover a problem after closeout.

FI•CON works with owners and managers to assure our fabrication and construction services to deliver value-added projects. Our combination fabrication and construction service mean we have the experience to tailor projects to each customer’s needs. Contact our experienced team today to discuss your next project at or (386) 364-7647.

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