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Many construction suppliers outsource metal fabrication on a project. However, the advantages are evident when you work with a contractor that offers both services. The following are just some of the benefits of a quality contractor with an in-house metal fabrication shop.



Often the part or equipment you purchased works fine. However, customization is necessary if the standard part doesn’t meet the requirements. A construction and fabrication supplier, especially one that is already familiar with your project, can reduce costs and save time. Additionally, they can meet requirements with less chance of error because they know your goals.


Quality control is critical to every manufacturer, whether it is automobiles, animal feed, or cement. A contractor that has developed its processes and proven procedures can deliver high-quality fabrication while eliminating hassles with the construction portion of the project.

Cost Reduction

Only a top-quality supplier can lower costs because of their processes’ efficiency and their team’s skills. An experienced construction and fabrication team has the expertise to produce results faster, with less waste, and at a higher quality. Keep in mind that while a lower-priced fabricator may seem best initially, but in the long run, mistakes, poor quality, and slow delivery can increase costs quickly.


Turnaround Times

Production delays or stoppages can have a negative impact on your bottom line. By choosing to work with a proven construction and fabrication shop, you can be confident that your deadlines are met and, in some cases, may be faster than industry standards.


At FI CON, we offer outstanding construction and fabrication services. Our experienced and knowledgeable team draws on more than 200 years of combined experience. We have knowledgeable engineers, safety managers, millwrights, and project managers for your project. To discuss your next project, contact us at or (386) 792-3060. 


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