combined construction and fabrication services

When embarking on a building project, it is usually necessary to hire both a construction firm as well as a fabricator. This can present a number of issues, the main one being a lack of communication between the two. This can lead to delays in your project or, worse still, issues or problems when construction is underway. An ideal solution to multiple construction and fabrication issues is to find a firm that offers construction services as well as fabrication services. Hiring one firm avoids the pitfalls that can be encountered when working with two separate entities. Read on to learn more of the benefits of combined construction and fabrication services.

Combined Construction and Fabrication Services Save Time and Money

Hiring one firm to complete construction and fabrication can save you time because there will be fewer hold-ups or breakdowns in communication. A project that is completed on time costs far less than one that is indefinitely delayed. Your time savings will equate to cost savings.

Easier to Deal With

Working with one firm will ensure that they know your project inside out. They will be able to make the right recommendations for fabrication based on the construction methods used. You’ll be dealing with one team who will understand your needs and work efficiently to meet them. By completing both fabrication and construction, they will easily recognize how to provide more value to you while still producing a quality product.

Why deal with two separate firms when you can enjoy the service and high-quality workmanship of one? FI•CON fabrication and construction services can meet the most challenging projects. By combining these two services and our strategic engineering partnerships, we can design, construct, and customize a project to meet your building and fabrication requirements. We work in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, ports, mining, education, warehousing, health care, retail, and water treatment. To discuss your next project contact us at or (386) 364-7647.

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