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FI•CON crews always focus on the stringent safety procedures we have in place when performing welding fabrication. That includes protocols the welder needs to follow for personal protection. The following are tips to help keep welders safe.

Welding Fabrication Protective Clothing

Ultraviolet and infrared rays can damage skin while welding, as well as sparks. Wear clothes that have collars, sleeves, buttons and without cuffs for errant sparks to smolder. Ideally, the welder should be wearing the proper safety gear, such as helmet, gloves and

flame-resistant clothing. The complaint that welding jackets are too heavy and hot doesn’t work today. Current safety gear is lightweight and made of flame-resistant fabric, pigskin leather, or a combination of the two for superior protection with ease of movement.

Do not neglect hands and feet when selecting in protective gear. Gloves guard against injury and come with ergonomically curved fingers and designs for specific welding processes. Remember, even with gloves you need pliers to avoid burns from just-welded material. Only wear high-top leather shoes or boots with the pants legs over them.

Welding Fabrication Protection from Exposure

When you are welding in a closed space, exposure to toxic fumes or shielding gasses that could replace breathable air is common. An exhaust hood is critical to remove fumes to keep the breathing air clean. In some cases, welding materials may require respirators. A welding arc’s rays can cause a painful condition known as arc flash in unprotected eyes – even hours after the exposure. To protect the operator or anyone watching the operation, welding helmets should have the proper filter shade. Also, approved safety glasses with side shields and ear protection should be worn under the helmet. Screens or barriers may be needed to protect others from the welding arc.

FI•CON practice rigorous safety procedures during every fabrication and construction project. Our combination fabrication and construction services, means we have the experience to tailor projects to each customer’s needs. Contact our experienced team today to discuss your next project at ficonusa.com or (386) 364-7647.


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