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Choosing a quality fabrication supplier is essential in not only meeting immediate goals but long-term success. When reviewing potential fabricators, consider the following:



To be a quality fabrication supplier, the company must have a team of skilled workers with experience in your type of project. Another critical consideration is whether the metal fabricator has the workforce to be able to complete your project on schedule. Additionally, determine if the fabricator has the equipment to handle the project’s scope.



A quality fabrication supplier focuses on delivering top products and services. To accomplish this goal, the company should keep pace with technology that can increase efficiency and quality in fabrication projects. Check if they hold the certifications to ensure compliance with any industry standards or regulations. Inquire about the quality control procedures the fabricators use to be sure your requirements will pass all levels of inspection. Finally, request any references they have you can contact to discuss the supplier’s past performance.



It is always a good practice to acquire multiple quotes from fabricators. A quality fabrication supplier’s pricing should align with competitors while fairly compensating for the quality and skill required to complete the project satisfactorily. Carefully review submitted bids to be certain there will be no unexpected costs. Of course, location can affect the price because of travel costs. However, while a local fabricator might save money in that area, a fabricator with better facilities and crews, plus more experience in your project type, might be a better overall value and solution.


Selecting the quality fabrication supplier to work with

As you can see, multiple factors play into choosing the fabricator for your project. As you consider each, remember that capabilities and experience should weigh as much as cost in your selection. The balance between these areas results in a cost-effective and successful fabrication project.


At FI•CON, we continually update our fabrication processes and services to meet customer specifications with the highest quality standard. To discuss your next project, contact us at ficonusa.com or (386) 792-3060. 

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  1. I like your explanation that a firm needs a team of trained personnel with expertise on projects like yours to be a quality fabrication provider. Whether the metal fabricator has the manpower necessary to finish your project on time is another crucial factor to take into account. We will keep this in mind as we need a new foundation put in next month and are interested in house expansion services. Your advice on choosing a contractor is essential since we want to ensure that the job will be finished effectively.

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