Manufacturing Material Handling

Of course, all business looks to improve efficiency. When you’re a manufacturer, taking a closer look at your operations may uncover areas that need attention. Manufacturing material handling is one of the essential functions of the manufacturing process and one of the most overlooked. Problems in this area can slow down production and eat away at your profits. Now let’s look at a few processes you can implement to improve your material handling.


Document everything

You need to document all activity. Once you start this, you will notice trends. Consequently, these trends will point to areas of increased or decreased efficiency. When you collate information, you are able to focus your energy on the inefficiencies you uncover.


Look at new layout options

Your inventory space may be set up inefficiently. Because poor layout affects materials handling areas, and you will want to consider how to better use aisles and spaces.


The manufacturing material handling equipment and technology

Generally, old or malfunctioning equipment result in inefficiencies detrimental to your processes. When reviewing your manufacturing material handling equipment and process, consider:


  • The distance to cover
  • How to reduce material damage from equipment or handlers
  • The flow control of materials with properly designed material movement
  • Developing hazard-free work conditions and safety procedures
  • Ways to improve time and equipment usage


An experienced and knowledgeable supplier can help recommend the best equipment and perform the installation for new material handling projects to address manufacturing material handling equipment issues. When you have analyzed your current operations and found them wanting, let the FI•CON team get the job done right for you. At FI•CON, we offer you a wide range of construction, fabrication, or material handling project services to meet the most challenging projects. We fabricate, construct, and customize all projects to meet your needs. We work in various industries, including warehousing, mills, ports, manufacturing, mining, education, health care, retail, and water treatment. To discuss your next project, contact us at or (386) 792-3060.


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