construction delivery method

A construction delivery method establishes the relationship and processes the project owner, designer, and contractor will follow throughout the project. It may seem as if the relationships between owners, designers, and contractors should be straightforward. However, a method is needed to assure success. The six most common types of project delivery methods are:

Design-Build (DB)

This popular construction delivery method is used for up to 40% of all US-based construction projects. In this method, both the design and construction phases come under one contract with one company. Either the contractor or the architect handles the entire project from start to finish.

Construction Management Multi-Prime (CMMP)

In this construction delivery method, the owner is the general contractor. He or she contracts with each of the team members and contractors. This method is best for owners with years of experience managing construction projects.

Design-Bid-Build (DBB)

Also known as hard bid, this construction delivery method is where the designer/architect and the general contractor work directly for the owner under separate contracts. It allows for more owner’s input. This method usually results in the lowest construction price.

Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)

A construction manager acts as the owner’s representative during the design and construction stages. The construction manager’s involvement in the project is from the beginning and oversees all aspects of the project. Similar to the DBB method, the CMAR method separates the design and building processes.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP or P3)

This type of construction delivery method is the result of a partnership between private and public entities. Infrastructure and affordable housing projects are such examples. A private company controls them, and the project benefits the general public.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

With this delivery method, all of the project team members are contractually connected under one contract. All team players are selected before design commences. They each play a role in the process from beginning to end.

The Best Construction Delivery Method for You 

Factors to consider when choosing which construction delivery method will work best for you include:

  • The owner’s budget
  • The scope of the project
  • The risks involved
  • The project schedule
  • The experience the owner

Each of these methods provides different controls and brings all parties together in different ways. FI CON Fabrication & Construction services can meet your most challenging fabrication and construction projects. We work in various industries, including ports, mining, education, manufacturing, health care, retail, warehousing, and water treatment. For more information on how we can take charge of your next project, contact us at or 386.792.3060.

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